About us

Our Philosophy

Noxelis experts have connected their know-how to conceive unique formulations with empowered properties to provide dry eye disease patients with efficient and convenient products. Thanks to its strong investment in research and innovation, Noxelis intends to bring patients’ ocular comfort to the next level.

About Noxelis

Noxelis is a French ophtalmic medical device company dedicated to developing next-generation eye treatments composed of hyaluronic acid and other biopolymers.
Noxelis’ different formulations are various ways to improve medical practices. Noxelis aims to supply ophtalmologists with first-in-class therapies to efficiently treat ocular surface diseases. Noxelis was founded by a team of passionate Hyaluronic Acid experts who are determined to formulate innovative technologies for third parties involved in the ophthalmologic market.

Our Expertise

Our team is backed by a combined 40 years experience in the development and commercialisation of leading products in the hyaluronic acid industry. This unique know-how has been acquired through work in various therapeutic areas, such as aesthetic dermatology, orthopaedics viscosupplementation, and ophthalmology viscoelastic devices.

The Noxelis R&D team possesses a specific expertise in the transformation of complex polymers. The team works with new technologies to respond to the needs of dry eye patients with dedicated treatments. We translated the science acquired through the development of more than 30 class II and class III medical devices to improve topical ophthalmic product outcomes.

Therapeutical Focus
Passionate Leaders
Class II & III products developed
years of experience in HA

Our Management Team



Chief Executive Officer
  • 15+ years in the medical industry, including 12 in hyaluronic acid
  • Expert in Business Development & Licensing
    Coordinated 6 M&A operations
  • Created 6 companies (CH, IT, FR, PL)
  • Several CEO experiences


Chief Technology Officer
  • 20+ years in the medical industry, including 12 in hyaluronic acid
  • Polymer engineer R&D & Industrial expert
  • Participated in the development & industrialization of 30+ MDs (Cl. II & III)
  • Participated in an FDA development
  • Several R&D and IP management experiences


Chief Scientific Officer
  • 10+ years in the medical industry & hyaluronic acid
  • Doctor of Biomaterials R&D & Industrial expert
  • Participated in the development & industrialization of 20+ MDs (Cl. III)
  • Several experiences of project manager and technology transfer


Chief Marketing Officer
  • 9+ years in the medical industry & hyaluronic acid
  • Expert in Strategic & Operational Marketing
  • Product manager for 10+ HA-based MDs in ophthalmology and orthopaedics
  • Ophthalmology export manager (cataracts, glaucoma)
  • Good network of ophthalmic practitioners (KOLs)

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